Project 333: Year 3 / Phase 2

I decided to do another update with my current Project 333 wardrobe and personal modifications to the project "rules".

If you happened to read my last post, you know I have modified the way I practice Project 333 to accommodate the fact that I now wear a uniform to work. Having a true uniform has taken some getting used to but I do enjoy the fact that it makes getting dressed each day so much easier as I have limited variables as to what to wear. 

For this phase of the project, April-June 2016, I have made various adjustments, some new and some continuing from past phases:
  • I was keeping all of my clothes (winter and summer) out at all times, but beginning in April I did pack away some heavier winter items.
  • I counted my work uniform (all of my logo tops and khaki bottoms) as one of my 33 items. I did the same with scarves, shoes, and jewelry.
  • I'm not counting my sunglasses, purse, sleepwear, workout gear, or rain gear.
Given all that, I end up with 24 items. Less than 33, but four of the items are actually "groups" so I have more than 33 items of clothing in rotation overall. After three years of living with a capsule wardrobe, I no longer think in terms of number of items. Instead, I just keep the clothes that I wear that look good and are comfortable and functional.

Here are my items for this phase:

Left to right from top:
  1. aqua long tank dress
  2. blue and white tank dress
  3. denim tank dress
  4. cap-sleeve black dress
  5. sleeveless black dress
  6. coral ss tee
  7. aqua ss tee
  8. bicycle print ss tee
  9. black ss tee
  10. white ss tee
  11. denim jacket
  12. black shrug
  13. tan ss cardigan
  14. brown long cardigan
  15. geey open knit sweater
  16. blue thermal
  17. striped ls tee
  18. off-white thermal
  19. shoes (not pictured: Chacos, flip-flops)
  20. scarves (4)
  21. striped tank
  22. black tank
  23. jewelry (about 30 pieces)
  24. uniform (13 items)*
*Uniform items are the same as last phase:

  • Two polo shirts
  • One fleece zip-up vest
  • One cardigan
  • One (shared) fleece zip-up
  • Three skirts
  • Two pairs of capris
  • Three pairs of pants

Thank you for following my Project 333 journey!


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