Project 333 Update: Year 3 Phase 1

Note: I drafted this earlier this year (probably mid-January) but neglected to post it. Please enjoy, and I'll post a Project 333 update in June for Year 3 Phase 3.

It's amazing to see that the Project 333 community is not only going strong, but growing!

This project was, and continues to be a touchstone for simplicity in my life. In the past 18 months, my life has changed dramatically as I have completely changed careers, and as a result my approach to project 333 has changed but the principals stay the same.
  • I no longer count or track my clothes or swap them out in 4 phases a year. I have all my clothes in my closets and drawers all the time.
  • I don't include jewelry or scarves anymore. Since I wear a uniform I use these accessories to express my individuality and style. 
  • I wear a uniform to work! This is the biggest change and is one that I felt uniquely suited for as a project 333 practitioner. My uniform is khaki bottoms with a navy top that has our logo on it. I have the following uniform items:
  1. Two polo shirts
  2. One fleece zip-up vest
  3. One cardigan
  4. One (shared) fleece zip-up
  5. Three skirts
  6. Two pairs of capris
  7. Three pairs of pants
  • I also have a variety of short and long sleeve tees and leggings to compliment my uniform.
  • I still have a limited number of shoes.
If I were to add all of my items together—clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags—I would undoubtedly have more than 33 things. But the spirit of the challenge, and the lessons I've learned about clothing and fashion, are now ingrained parts of how I view getting dressed each day.

I embrace wearing a uniform! It simplifies clothing choices and makes getting dressed each week much easier. Had I not been "living with less" by doing Project 333, I don't think I would have as readily embraced wearing a uniform to work every day. Some people might get bored or feel constricted with having to wear the same thing, but I find it a structured base from which to add elements - I can wear whatever undershirt, earrings, tights, or hair accessories I choose (as long as they are professional, of course!) I tend to go with ocean or sea-themed accessories, or seasonal choices for Christmas or Valentine's Day.

Here are a few photos of me in my uniform. Note the seasonal accessories!
Thank you for your interest in my Project 333 practice, and please check back soon for a June Project 333 / Phase 3 update!


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