Everyday Adventures: Lake Cunningham

We had plans to go camping this weekend but we were rained out, Instead, we headed over the hill to San Jose. We needed to pick up a part for our dryer at the Eastridge Mall, and we decided to extend the trip and go to a place we'd never been: Lake Cunningham Regional Park. We picked up some food at the Whole Foods in Los Gatos, grabbed the part at the mall. and headed to the park for a picnic. It was still drizzling a bit so we found a bench with a shelter over it. I was surprised at the size of the park and lake and at how many birds there were. In addition to the geese pictured here we saw mallards, American coot, egrets, blue heron, cormorants, white pelicans, bluebirds, tern, killdeer, and sparrows and swallows. There is a walking track around the lake, and it is home to California's largest skate park. It is also adjacent to Raging Waters San Jose. There were very few people there today probably because of the rain, but I imagine the place gets packed in the summer and I'm sure temperatures top 100 degrees. You would hardly think it to look at the pictures I took today. We'll definitely come back again as the picnic areas were nice and the bird action was amazing.

On the way home, Jason spotted a Bass Pro Shop and we had to stop, since he has been searching for a certain kind of bait. The place was insane. As if the huge tank of bass or the dozens of stuffed animal trophies lining the walls weren't enough, there was a bowling alley attached! It would be fun to try it out sometime. There was a intricate shipwreck theme going on!

The shipwreck over the bar


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