Monday, September 22, 2014

365 Days Project

In mid-August, I started a new creative project with the goal of taking at least one photo a day and posting it on instagram and flickr.  I wanted to try using my phone camera more frequently and in a more creative way to document the beautiful bits and pieces of daily life.  I have successfully documented the first 30 days of my challenge, from August 23 - September 21, 2014.  While some days I nearly forgot to snap an image and ended up with a photo of either our dinner or one of the pets, overall I'm happy with this month's results and am looking forward to continuing through the next month.  You can view the whole album on flickr here, but these are my shots from the first 30 days!

Project 365 Days 1-30

Monday, September 1, 2014

Uh Oh!

Hello blog readers.  Something has gone wrong with all the photos on my blog.  I made it private for a few days as I was tweaking the settings and when I made it public again all of the photos were gone!  I've yet to decide how I'm going to handle this, but my apologies in the meantime as it appears that years worth of work has been erased.  Bear with me as I figure out how to move forward.

ETA: So, I figured out what happened.  Apparently all pictures that are uploaded to blogger are stored in Picasa web albums.  As part of cleaning up my online photos I accidentally went overboard and deleted crucial Picasa albums, not realizing they hosted my blog photos.  So I'm slowly replacing the more current and popular blog photos from my archive, but unfortunately some of the originals were not stored on my hard drive and I may not have them backed up.  Lesson learned, and a head's up for all you other bloggers out there... Picasa=blogger!