Vacation Recap Day 3: Sunset Cliffs and Ocean Beach

After an amazing two days at California Adventure and Disneyland, we headed south toward San Diego and the cute, funky town of Ocean Beach.  We spent out honeymoon 10 years ago in San Diego, and OB was one of the memorable places we visited: one afternoon we rode the bus from downtown to OB on the spur of the moment to get tattooed!  Oh, how times have changed.

We were able to arrange for an early check in so we arrived at our hotel around noon.  We opted for a boutique hotel with a kitchen so that we could do some additional food prep and restock our stash of gluten-free vegan eats.  We stayed at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs, which proved to be even better in person than in the pictures!  The gardens, pool and terraces were amazing.  It is one of the few hotels in the area that is actually "waterfront" meaning that waves wash right up onto the lower terrace.  I imagine that they probably have to close part of the deck off in the winter months.  Our room was just as nice, with a fully-stocked kitchen, sitting room, bedroom and elegant bathroom with a large shower.

The first thing we did was get in the pool, spend some time soaking in the sun and the gorgeous view, and relax after spending 16 hours at Disneyland!  Jason, of course, got in a few rounds of poolside golf.

After relaxing for a while, we walked about a mile to downtown OB where the weekly Farmer's Market was in full swing. We paid a visit to A.C.E. Tattoo, where we got inked a decade ago, and picked up some tasty gluten free vegan desserts that were really a highlight of the trip.  I wish I has written down the name of the bakery that made them because we would have totally ventured there to get more before heading back to Santa Cruz but, alas, it was just a lucky find that will have to live on in our dreams of delicious desserts.

We also walked to People's Organic Food Market, which we had tagged on the map as a destination for getting groceries for the second part of our trip.  We decided to get stuff for dinner and then come back the next day for any other supplies.  We got fixings for tacos and headed back to the hotel, where we made dinner in our room and ate al fresco on the terrace overlooking the sunset.

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mandy said…
Great photos, Sara!
Sara Stasi said…
Thank you Mandy!

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