Start Me Up

The popularity of Project 333 has brought many new readers to my blog. I want to get back into blogging again, and bring something exciting and inspiring to my new visitors, but I'm just not sure exactly where to begin.
It feels awkward to jump back in after such a long absence from regular posting. I took an extended break from blogging mostly because my laptop broke and I waited a long time to get a replacement. Then I got a replacement and it turned out to have a faulty fan so I had to send it back to the company for repair. I finally have a functioning laptop again but after being so long without a computer I pretty much stopped using it and have been relying on my phone and tablet to go online. In fact I'm dictating this blog post on my tablet using the talk to type feature! Pretty crazy! I'm also not taking as many pictures as I was which was a central feature of my blog in the past. Now I'm completely out of the habit of regular posting and am trying to find a good way to get started again.
I know that one of the keys to being a successful blogger is writing regularly, either online or just a paper journal, so I plan to make that my first step. In the past I've gotten great feedback from friends, family and other readers about even simple things that I put out there that are inspiring or helpful or interesting, which gives me confidence to get back in the saddle again and also helps me keep in mind that it doesn't have to be complicated or perfect to be worthy of posting. I do believe that something that seems insignificant to me could be very significant to one of my readers. It's the same idea behind smiling, being kind, and saying hello to people that you meet out in the world because you never know how a seemingly small gesture may positively impact someone else's day.
So whether you're a regular reader or visiting Santa Cruz Stasi for the first time, I hope to soon provide you with some more regular posts to enjoy!


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