Project 333: Year 2 / Phase 2

Recently, I saw that Project 333 was featured in O Magazine.  Pretty exciting!  So even though I haven't blogged in a while, I was inspired to post an update on my Project 333 journey.

I have continued to follow my own "rules" for the project the same way I described them in January, with a few personal customizations.  My dates for Phase 2, for example, are March 1 through June 12, which is the last day of school and therefore the beginning of summer vacation and a different wardrobe! I also have little tweaks regarding accessories such as I don't count my sunglasses, and I allow myself to swap out jewelry on a monthly basis if I want to.  I also don't count tights or leggings which makes it easy to add variety to a "capsule wardrobe".

After doing Project 333 for over a year, I can definitely attest to the fact that you have to design the project to fit your life and style.  33 really isn't a magic number: it's the awareness that comes with living with less that makes limiting your wardrobe so powerful and strangely rewarding.

I've been living with my current 33 items since March and I think they will serve me well until mid-June.  I may need to swap my boots out for sandals, but so far it hasn't been warm or dry enough. Also, I've noticed that since I am no longer working an hour from home (where it is 10-20 degrees warmer each day) I don't need to vary my wardrobe as much from season to season.  Many of the items I have I can wear from January through mid-June, at least!  This is also partly because Santa Cruz has a mild climate and the summers here are actually pretty cool with a layer of fog for a large part of the day.

I'll go ahead and use the same system I've developed to code my list, since it helps to see that I actually haven't needed to buy much new clothing for quite some time.  I purchased only three new items this phase, and two were from thrift stores: I recently replaced a worn out white tee with a new one, and found a new-to-me dress and scarf at Goodwill.  I should be able to add photos this week, since most of these are already in my archive from past phases!

Items in bold on the list are ones that I kept in my wardrobe from the previous phase (December - February). An asterisk (*) indicates items that were purchased or that I plan to purchase during this phase, as opposed to taken from my off-season storage box.

1. silver hoops 
2. blue dangle earrings
3. turquoise and coral earrings
4. leopard print scarf
5. green scarf*
6. flower scarf

7. white short sleeve tee (recently replaced with a new one)*
8. grey short sleeve tee
9. coral short sleeve tee
10. green long sleeve tee
11. black tank

12. black jeans
13. blue jeans
14. tan wide-leg pants
15. tan cords

16. long black skirt
17. denim skirt

18. black dress
19. pink dress*
20. brown and white dress
21. denim dress

~Sweaters & Jackets~
22. grey loose sweater
23. denim crop jacket
24. coral crop sweater
25. blue cardigan
26. tan cardigan
27. black cardigan
28. tan wool long cardigan
29. black wool long cardigan

30. grey loafers 
31. black docs
32. cork mary janes
33. blue converse


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