52 of 2014 Week #1: Abstract

Last year, I participated in a photo project on flickr where the object was to take a theme based photo each week for a year.  I tried this in 2011, too.  The first year I made it through mid summer, until we had to move.  Last year I made it until September, wen a new school year and job disrupted my routine.  Hopefully I can weather the ups and downs of 2014 sturdily enough to complete this project for a whole year with a complete collection of 52 photographs.

For week one, which ended Sunday, the theme was "abstract".  I took several composed shots trying to get an image I liked, but ended up going with a shot of the sunrise over Pleasure Point I took early in the week.  I like how each of the waves is oddly cut off, the position of the hills far apart on the horizon is disorienting, and the clouds and light create ribbons of color and texture.  The photograph becomes more about the picture these shapes evoke, rather than a literal capture of a sunrise:


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