Christmas Day Hike

It has been gorgeous here in Santa Cruz, with sunny skies and temperatures near 70.  On Christmas Day, Jason and I went for a hike in Wilder Ranch.  Despite the fact that I've hiked here many times, we still took a wrong turn and ended up adding about 2 miles to our planned route, bringing the total to nearly 9 miles.  We did the west side of Engelsmans Loop, crossed over on the Wild Boar trail, went up Old Cabin and all the way around the Eucalyptus Loop (which was the extra part) before descending down Twin Oaks and finally the east side of the Wilder Ridge.  As Jason pointed out, this trail combo does feel like the uphill goes on forever, because it is a long slow climb and relatively quick descent.  The views however, especially on a clear day, are worth it!


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