Week # 31: DOF

In 2013 I am participating in a weekly themed photo project on flickr. Here are my photos so far. The theme for 7/29-8/4 was "DOF" which stands for depth of field.

I upgraded to a new phone this week, after getting fed up with my old brick from 2010.  I got a Nokia Lumina 822, and along with 4G (wow!  my apps actually work!) I have a significantly better camera in this phone.  I'm excited about using it for more weekly and scavenger hunt photos, and exploring the burgeoning world of phone photography.

So far I like the features of this phone, and I felt I was able to capture the concept I had for this week's theme.  These are "sweet 100" cherry tomatoes in our garden, yum!  I was hoping to use the graduating size and of the tomatoes to enhance the shallow depth of frame.  I think I got surprisingly good results from my new little camera.

Tomato DoF


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