2013 Resolutions: July & August Goals

This year, I am working on new resolutions each month and am using Gretchen Rubin's monthly resolution system to create and track behaviors that I hope will increase my overall happiness. I updated me June goals in a separate post.

Summer has reached that turning point where I am finally getting a productive vacation routine going, just in time to start getting ready to go back to work!  I have an extra long vacation this year since my old district got out in early June and my new district does not go back until the end of this month, so I really can't complain.  For the first time in a long time I feel relaxed and ready to return to work which, in my profession, is priceless.

I originally planned to focus my goals for July on "family" and for August on "friends" but at the end of June I decided to combine the two and just focus for two months on the same set of goals.  So, for July and August I am trying to visit and spend time with friends and family as much as possible.  This is a big change for me from even two years ago, when I was working intensely on changing my diet, getting fit, and really discovering the keys to a more stress-free life and preferred to spend time alone working on my own projects and ideas.  I would consider myself a much happier person today, and one of the benefits of that is more clearly recognizing the value of time spent with others.

In order to accomplish my goal over these two months, I have tried to say "yes" to attending as many social engagements as I can, which is also a change for me.  Again, where I once craved time alone, I am learning to recognize just how spending time with other people contributes to my overall happiness and also helps me to find a greater clarity of purpose and focus in the larger community outside myself.  It is as though I have done a great deal of internal, introspective work over the past few years and am now ready to turn outward and use what I have learned to help others along their journey.

The best way for me to help others that I care about is to reach out, connect, and spend time together.  The more that I do this, even though it is sometimes out of my comfort zone, the happier I am in the long run. Fortunately, my parents and I now live in the same town and my brothers and their families are both visiting this summer so I will get a chance to see my whole extended family before I return to work.  Even though there are only a few weeks of summer left, there are still plenty of fun adventures ahead!


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