Week #28: Through a Window

In 2013 I am participating in a weekly themed photo project on flickr. Here are my photos so far. The theme for 7/8-7/14 was "through a window".

It's been a busy week and I am behind on regular posting, so I'll be catching up with multiple entries today. I keep thinking I'll spread these out and have a post a day, but then new stuff keep happening that I want to write about!  So I end up not writing any entries and now I'm a week behind.  Just another side effect of being on "vacation" time, especially adding "Santa Cruz" time on top of that (which is like "island time": it'll happen when it's supposed to happen, man!). But it does mean that I'm out doing stuff and enjoying my time off, which is awesome and much needed.

Over the weekend we went to visit Jason's mom in Auburn, where I took this self-portrait for the week's theme of "through a window".  I like all of the reflections in this shot, since I framed the photo in a mirror that you can see through the window in the house.  I'm standing on the balcony with an awesome view behind me.

Through a Window


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