Week #27: Right Angles

In 2013 I am participating in a weekly themed photo project on flickr. Here are my photos so far. This week's theme was "right angles".

On Saturday, we went down to see my brother George compete in NASA time trials at Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca.  My only prior auto sport experience was a figure-8 dirt track demolition derby, so this was quite different.  It was interesting to watch George get his car ready to race, thrilling to see him get behind the wheel and head to the starting gate, and really scary to watch him going well over 100 miles an hour around the raceway.  I learned quite a bit about this sport, which my brother is really passionate about.  Hopefully he will reach his goals and be able to move up to higher levels of competition as he improves (tricks out?  I'm just learning the lingo) his car more and more.

There were plenty of right angles at the racetrack.  This is a shot of George on one of his laps during his third time trial.  Eve though they're not all straight lines because of the angle of the shot, I like the different textures and materials that compose the many right angles in the image.
Right Angles...

Here's a collage of a few more race photos:


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