Project 333 2013: Phase 3 Photos

I have been participating in a minimalist fashion experiment called Project 333. These are my photos and list of items for Phase 3 (July-September).

After a living for over a week with my revised Project 333 rules, I am pleased with how they are working with my vacation lifestyle.  Even though changing the rules is not only allowed but encouraged, I still had a hard time doing my own thing because I am a very "rule-bound" person and like to do things "the right way".  Part of this project, for me, is understanding that "the right way" is the way that is best for me and that meets my needs, not necessarily the expected way or the way everyone else does it.  This concept applies to many areas of my life, everything from what clothes I choose to keep and wear to what I eat, to what I do for a living and how I spend my free time.  Gretchen Rubin writes that one key to happiness is to understand yourself and what you really like and don't like.  Only then you can make decisions that suit your true nature, help you serve your purpose in life, and truly make you happier.  It is difficult to be yourself when we are constantly receiving messages about how we are "supposed" to be, but fighting or ignoring our true nature will only lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

With that said, I am learning to create a wardrobe that is right for me and suits my life, using Project 333 as a catalyst to better understand myself and my needs.  In addition to changing the guidelines up a bit, I also am adding the time-tested "hanger trick" to the mix this time in order to see if there is anything in my 53 items that I don't use or wear, and could be purged.  Basically, this starts with turning all the hangers in your closet backward.  Then, when you wear a garment and then get ready to return it to the closet, it goes facing the correct way.  At the end of a set period of time (in my case, in October) it will be easy to see if there are any items in my closet that I haven't yet worn, and these can be sold or donated.

Another new thing I am doing for this phase is tweeting a daily outfit.  You can follow me on twitter (@sges77) to see how I style my 53 items and when/where I choose to use them.  I may not be able to keep this up when work starts, but for now I'm having fun with it!

My 33 items are technically not "complete".  I plan to purchase a black tank top, and I've already ordered a pair of work pants.  I also plan to swap out my worn beige tee for a plain white one.  But I don't need to do this until I get closer to work starting at the end of August.  Since posting my list a few days ago I decided to remove my sun hat since it is a functional "all weather" garment, and added another pair of earrings instead.  So, here is my  list of my total 53 items. (ETA: I apologize, one upon a time I did have photos, but I accidentally deleted them during a blog purge).

"Work Worthy" Capsule Wardrobe (33 Things)
1. purse*
2. turquoise dangle earrings
3. silver hoop earrings
4. turquoise and coral hoop earrings
5. abalone necklace
6. sun hat (moved to "all-weather" category) onyx earrings
7. turquoise sequin scarf
8. coral scarf
9. floral scarf
10. black tank top (not pictured, plan to purchase)*
11. coral ss tee
12. lt grey ss tee
13. tan ss tee (worn out, will probably replace with plain white ss tee)*
14. lightweight work pants (not pictured, plan to purchase)*
15. skinny blue jeans
16. red and white sailboat skirt
17. black maxi skirt
18. brown and white floral dress
19. black cutout dress
20. turquoise maxi tank dress*
21. black and beige print tank dress
22. navy and white print tank dress
~Sweaters and Jackets~
23. tan / multi loose knit sweater
24. tan open knit shrug
25. black shrug
26. coral crop sweater
27. tan cotton cardigan
28. navy long cardigan
29. coral long cardigan
30. cropped denim jacket
31. light blue Converse
32. cork mary jane shoes
33. black sandals

"Weekend Wear" (20 Things)
1. black backpack
2. blue and white striped tank top
3. blue tank top
4. black halter top
5. green ss tee
6. tan ss tee (when I replace the worn-out one in my capsule wardrobe)
7. blue ls tee
8. bowling tee
9. Levi’s jeans
10. green and white floral skirt
11. grey tank dress
12. blue and green tank dress
13. denim tank dress
~Sweaters and Jackets~
14. grey and white leopard print cardigan
15. blue zip-up hooded sweatshirt
16. grey flannel
17. tan flannel
18. black and white Nikes
19. pink Chacos sandals
20. black Chacos flip-flops


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