Project 333 2013: Phase 3 List

I have been participating in a minimalist fashion experiment called Project 333. This is a list of my modified rules and list of items for Phase 3 (July-September).

Number 3
Phase 3: Summer: July-September
As I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to modify the Project 333 rules to better suit the needs of my lifestyle for the next three months.  I'm starting a new job in August and I want to have enough choices to look and feel my best when the time comes to dressed for work, so I've more clearly defined the areas of my wardrobe.  Here are Courtney's original guidelines, and my basic modifications to her suggested starting points:  
  • I've refined the rules even more since my last post, and instead of 58 items I've decided to have 53.  33 items are my quality pieces that make up a "work-worthy" capsule wardrobe; an additional 20 (originally I had 25) items are casual "weekend wear" which is perfect for summer vacation and weekends but too casual for work. These items include all accessories, shoes, and jewelry except for: my sunglasses, watch, ring, and 4 ear piercings which I never remove.  
  • Like Courtney, I'm not including underwear, sleep wear, or workout clothing.  I'm also excluding an additional category of "all-weather gear": functional outdoor items like rain jackets and sun hats. 
  • The category of "in-home lounge wear" hasn't really worked for me because I basically consider it to be the same as sleepwear.  I don't like being dressed for the day in clothes that I wouldn't leave the house in.  In the first two phases of the project I had several items, like my flannel shirts and my yoga pants, that are fine for both gardening and running to the grocery store but certainly not appropriate for work.  I've wondered how I should categorize those items, so I decided to eliminate the "in-home lounge wear" category, replace it with "weekend wear", and limit the group to 20 items.  I think this is actually a step further in recognizing what I actually have and wear, because it prevents me from having, for example,  3 pairs of black yoga pants or 5 pairs of "weekend" jeans!
  • I'm adding an additional challenge which is that all items in my storage bin must actually be off-season. In this next "summer" phase, for example, there should be no tank tops or skirts in storage.  All of my summer clothing should be in rotation now somewhere in my 53 items, or else why do I own it?
With these rules in mind, here are my two preliminary lists for the next phase.  Items in bold are ones that I kept in my wardrobe from the first phase (April-June). You can also see that I moved seven items from the last phase (also in bold) to my "weekend wear" list.  An asterisk (*) indicates items that were purchased or that I plan to purchase during this phase, as opposed to taken from my off-season storage box.  I also purged and donated 14 items in this round.

As always, this is a fluid list that may change in the first few weeks of the project.  I'll try to have a post with photos up by this weekend.

"Work Worthy" Capsule Wardrobe (33 Things)
1. purse*
2. turquoise dangle earrings
3. silver hoop earrings
4. turquoise and coral hoop earrings
5. abalone necklace
6. sun hat
7. turquoise sequin scarf
8. coral scarf
9. floral scarf
10. black tank top (need to purchase)*
11. coral ss tee
12. lt grey ss tee
13. tan ss tee (worn out, will probably replace with plain white ss tee)*
14. lightweight work pants (need to purchase)*
15. skinny blue jeans
16. red and white sailboat skirt
17. black maxi skirt
18. brown and white floral dress
19. black cutout dress
20. turquoise maxi tank dress*
21. black and beige print tank dress
22. navy and white print tank dress
~Sweaters and Jackets~
23. tan / multi loose knit sweater
24. tan open knit shrug
25. black shrug
26. coral crop sweater
27. tan cotton cardigan
28. navy long cardigan
29. coral long cardigan
30. cropped denim jacket
31. light blue Converse
32. cork mary jane shoes
33. black sandals

"Weekend Wear" (20 Things)
1. black backpack
2. blue and white striped tank top
3. blue tank top
4. black halter top
5. green ss tee
6. tan ss tee (when I replace the worn-out one in my capsule wardrobe)
7. blue ls tee
8. bowling tee
9. Levi’s jeans
10. green and white floral skirt
11. grey tank dress
12. blue and green tank dress
13. denim tank dress
~Sweaters and Jackets~
14. grey and white leopard print cardigan
15. blue zip-up hooded sweatshirt
16. grey flannel
17. tan flannel
18. black and white Nikes
19. pink Chacos sandals
20. black Chacos flip-flops


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