Week #23: High Key

I am doing a weekly themed photo project on flickr. Here are my photos so far.

This week, the theme was "High Key" which is a technical term for photographs that tend to be overexposed  and have overall bright tones and no shadows.  The effect is achieved by the correct combination of camera settings and lighting.  I was lucky to be able to light this shot with a natural source through a window,  although I did have to stage the shot with a piece of blank white paper placed behind the subject.

This vintage piggy bank is a special item that belonged to my grandparents.  On the top it says "For my trip to Las Vegas", except my grandmother put a piece of tape over "my" and replaced it with "our".  Considering that my father had four brothers, I'm sure that this was a planned family trip and not a romantic getaway!  This bank sat in my grandparents' living room for as long as I can remember, and it is one of a few inherited things by which I now remember them.

For "Our" Trip to Las Vegas


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