Inspiration Points

As I end one school year and begin a period of rest and relaxation, it is easy to feel lost without a routine or system to get things done.  Summer vacation, while completely awesome, can also be somewhat overwhelming.  A terrible problem to have, I know.  But so many teachers have grand plans for what they will accomplish over the summer, only to begin another year feeling behind and overwhelmed before they even enter the classroom in the fall.  It can be very difficult to transition from a highly structured, routine-filled day to no plans and no structure.  There is so much to do, where to start?  This summer I feel more anchored in routines that don't change (doing the dishes at night, making the bed in the morning) and have less anxiety about spending my time the "right" way these next two months.  One thing I do know is that I will need to establish new, simple routines in order to have time to tackle the larger things I want to accomplish.  I have a new clarity about what I want to prioritize and where I want to focus my time and energy.  I'll write more about this soon in my upcoming May update and June resolutions post.


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