Aptos Women's Five-Miler

For months now, my friend Erin and I have been running about 4 miles every weekend.  Last sunday, we ran our first race together!  The Aptos Women's Five-Miler has been an annual event for over thirty years, although this is the first time I've run it.  This definitely a girl-power event, with an all-women field and sister and mother-daughter team entries available.  The course begins in Aptos Village Park and goes straight up the fire road just past the steel bridge, and then returns back on the fire road with a detour to the left on the Buggy trail.  It was a super fun, smooth run and I had a great time with my friend by my side.  I have run several races, but this was the first one with a partner, and it made the whole experience more fun and rewarding than going it alone.  We finished right in the middle of our age group which is very respectable considering our abilities and experience!  Next up for this dynamic duo: The 10K Wharf to Wharf in July.

Before the race

Finishing strong!


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