Inspiration Points

This week I have been working on anger management with some of my students, particularly the skill of communicating assertively instead of resorting to verbal or physical aggression.  On the most basic level, I'm trying to convey the concept that you can't strongarm others into acting the way you want them to.  You can't control other people at all, in fact.  You can only control your own reaction to the behavior of others.  Just be the change you want to see in humanity and your actions will have much greater impact than your fists.   This is a hard concept for a 14 year old seething with rage to process, but I know this is a message that will be considered by my students for years to come.  Just yesterday two of my students said right back to me two things I often tell them about their own behavior: "feeling are a choice"" and "fake it 'till you make it", two quick sound bites I use to convey the idea that our actions lead to our feelings, not the other way around.  Whether they are able to practice these skills in the moment or not, at least they are internalizing the message that they are in control of their own happiness.


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