Week #13: Fail!

This week's photo theme is, "whoops, I forgot!"  Seriously, though, I didn't take any photos at all this week.

The theme was actually Technical, mechanical, or machinery, so it wasn't even that difficult. This was a busy week with many changes in routine, and I simply forgot until this morning.

So I'm posting a cute picture of Tiki instead.

I also neglected to complete the Monthly Scavenger Hunt for March.  I really blew it on this one, and hardly thought about it until earlier this week and planned to hustle and finish it, but again other projects and events got in the way.

So, huge fail on the photography this week.  But one of the reasons that I was so preoccupied was due to my March resolutions, which centered around work.  I will update soon with how these resolutions turned out, but let's just say that the effort was worth it!

I'm back on track for this month's scavenger hunt, and this week's photo theme, shadow.


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