Project 333 Update: Week 2

Howdy blog readers!

My post about Project 333 has been one of my most popular to date.  I have been meaning to give an update of the 33 pieces I have chosen for April-June, but at two weeks into the second phase I am having a hard time keeping a consistent number of items.  Amazingly, I have donated or put away for future seasons no less than eight of the pieces I originally selected!  I've replaced some of these with either new pieces or other items from my off-season storage bin,  but as of today I have 3 empty slots on my list.

It was harder this time around to decide what items to keep and which to remove, as well, since last time I was starting in the middle of the project and had already been wearing many of the clothes I kept on my list.  I only had to choose which clothes to keep for the next 6 weeks, not the next 3 months.  I agree with the experience of many participants who report that in the weeks before and after the change in phases, one thinks more (indeed, almost thinks obsessively) about one's clothing than during any other time in the project.

I hoped to have photographs of this phase to share by this time, but I want to wait until I have settled on my 33 things!  At this point, I'm not sure whether to just go forward with 30 items, add items from my off-season bin, or use this as an excuse to buy new stuff!  The main question I have is: what (if any) function in my wardrobe did those 4 items serve?  Once I figure that out I'll know how to replace them, or (shockingly) if I even need to replace them at all.

This process of elimination really highlights the true value of joining Project 333.  After selecting my 33 items, and beginning to put them into rotation on a daily basis, I was very quickly able to evaluate if the item was worth keeping and wearing for the next 3 months.  Each of the things I cut from my list had a specific problem that I knew would bug me for the rest of this phase of the project.  In the past, I would just remove the offending item and place it back in my closet, as though the problem wouldn't be an issue the next time I tried to wear it.  Sometimes that makes sense, like in the case of a dress that is too heavy for spring but might be good for fall.  But instead of ignoring real problems, like clothes that don't fit and aren't worth getting tailored, I was able to permanently remove these items from my wardrobe and save the stress of having to deal with the same problem over and over again.  That is the whole point of the project for me - simplify my wardrobe so I spend less time and energy on it overall.

Although I don't have photos yet, here is my still-in-process list for Phase 2, April-June.  Items in bold are ones that I kept in my wardrobe from the first phase (January-March).  Items that were removed after the project started are crossed out, the reason noted, and the replacement item written in.  Things that have yet to be replaced are in italics.
  1. purse
  2. sunglasses
  3. coral chandelier earrings broke (silver hoop earrings)
  4. paper bead necklace pretty, but uncomfortable to wear
  5. silver filigree hoop earrings too heavy (turquoise and coral hoop earrings)
  6. abalone necklace
  7. turquoise scarf
  8. floral scarf
  9. sun hat
  10. denim jacket  too tight across the shoulders
  11. skinny blue jeans
  12. Levi's
  13. tan cords
  14. black long skirt
  15. dk blue denim skirt
  16. green ss tee
  17. coral ss tee
  18. lt grey ss tee
  19. tan ss tee
  20. tan white stripe knit sweater
  21. tan open weave knit sweater
  22. tan wool cardigan
  23. tan cotton cardigan
  24. coral cardigan need different type of sweater (coral crop sweater)
  25. navy cardigan
  26. grey sheath dress not comfortable for spring, save for fall
  27. black dress
  28. navy white scallop dress fabric doesn't wear well (Sessions jacket)
  29. denim tank dress
  30. grey Converse  worn out (light blue Converse)
  31. cork mary jane shoes
  32. black sandals
  33. black flip-flops
As you can see, I have made many changes and notations to my original list.  But each change was a lesson to me about what clothing best suits me, what makes me feel good and flatters my frame.  Having limited choices makes each item need to carry its own weight in my wardrobe.  Those that don't make the cut are easy to eliminate.  I'm kind of curious to see what if anything I need to add back in to complete my 33 things.  I would like to wait another week and see what needs arise.  I already think I could use another top (maybe a t-shirt) and a belt.  I have been borrowing one of Jason's belts and I'm not sure where this fits in the rules but it seems like bending them a bit to me!  I think I am in denial about being fit enough to need  belt.  That was certainly not the case for most of my life.  At any rate, I will update in a week or so when I get my list finalized, and hopefully have pictures to share as well!


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