Yard Sale!

Yard Sale

I spent much of my February break de-cluttering the house, so we had a yard sale yesterday to get rid of junk and make extra cash!  I also decided to "go digital" with my CD collection, so I put hundreds of CDs up for sale.  Jason inherited many valuable items from his father Steve after his passing, including a lifetime collection of vinyl records and museum-quality Grateful Dead paraphernalia, and we put some of this out as well.  I also put out a bunch of my clothes and jewelry and some of my grandmother's vintage gloves, scarves, and hankies.

Yard Sale

We live 2 blocks from the beach and it was a sunny Saturday so there was a lot of foot traffic.  I enjoyed talking with the many people who stopped by to buy or browse.  My CDs and Steve's records and Grateful Dead books were by far the greatest hits.  There were two men in particular who were very excited by the records and had interesting stories to tell about their experiences in the 60's.  One bought a book about Woodstock that he had never seen before, hoping that maybe his picture would be somewhere in this one, in the crowd.  You can bet I took that opportunity to ask him what that experience was like.  I haven't met too many people who really were there.

Watching another gentleman go through every single record, exclaiming in excitement about each album's quality or rarity I could feel Steve's presence, blessing the day.  As this man made his selections from among the hundreds of records, pulling out album after album, he talked about touring with a few of the bands and hanging with members of the band or with the cover art photographer.  I couldn't help but wonder if he and Steve knew each other in that former life.

When a hard core collector finds a treasure trove of his or her target item at a yard sale it's magic.  I may have liked the stuff we sold, but it was united with folks who love it.  We may have made good money yesterday, but it was the pleasure of watching people's eyes light up with joy at discovering amazing books and music that was the real payoff for me.


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