January 2013 Resolutions Update

January Resolutions: How did I Do?
As I previously mentioned, I am focusing this year on one category or area of resolutions each month that are intended to increase my overall happiness.  For January, the focus area was "Take Care of Me" and my resolutions were to: do 10 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of meditation each morning, to take all my vitamins daily, and to wash my face and brush my teeth each night.

Interestingly, I wasn't able to keep up with completing my chart in every area for the whole month.  My finished chart looks like this:

As you can see, I tracked the first two goals for most of the month and those were the goals I was most successful with as a result.  I gave up on tracking the next two goals about mid-month, but I did keep up with them at nearly the same rate as the first two goals even without tracking.  I gave up on one goal altogether because I realized it was too much to try and accomplish this month.  That goal is to do an 10 minutes of yoga before bed in addition to the 10 minutes each morning.  I have decided to focus on that goal when I work on the "health" resolutions which I have planned for April.

For February I had been debating changing the planned area of "Relationships" to "Home" because I continue to struggle to adopt a housekeeping routine that satisfies me.  But I've decided to stick with the first, planned area because Valentine's Day as well as many loved ones' birthdays  (including Jason and my dad) fall in this month, giving ample opportunity to work on relationships with my spouse, family and friends.  I'm even including my relationship with my pets in this area because they need to be spoken to in kindness and treated as thoughtfully as possible, as well.  They do a lot for me and Jason.

I will write about my February resolutions in another post.  In the meantime...

Delicious Treats:
I have discovered two new delicious culinary treats this week that I found good enough to share.

Thursday was payday (yay!) and I treated myself to some really expensive organic hummus.  I love hummus so this is akin to buying a nice bottle of wine or expensive chocolate for me.  This stuff is like no hummus I have tried before.  It has coconut, yellow curry and jalapenos creating an authentic Thai flavor.  It was worth the $5.  Hey, I said it was fancy stuff!  I will definitely try to re-create a Thai-inspired version when making my own hummus at home.

I also developed a delicious beverage combo for my morning commute.  I only drink 1 (large) cup of coffee a day, then about 2 cups of tea with caffeine and then herbal tea or water the rest of the day.  I usually drink chai tea blends, but one morning I ran out of chai and grabbed a mint yerba mate teabag instead.  After brewing about 1 1/2 cups of that I added a cup of chocolate almond milk.  Wow!  It tasked like a mint hot chocolate.  So delicious.  I was actually taken aback by how good it was.  For a minute I considered kicking coffee for good and swapping it for this magical libation.  That thought soon passed, however, and I returned to reality and relegated this lovely drink to it's appropriate place on my daily post-coffee commute.  Actually, since it's Saturday, I think I'm going to make one right now...


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