In Moderation

No Thru Wow, that was fast.  I have an internet troll already!

Over the past few days, an "anonymous poster" has been leaving personal, cruel and sarcastic comments on my recent posts.  You may have seen them.  I have deleted them.

I am 99.9% sure I know who this person is and they are someone who knew me in real life.  The nature of the comments pretty much made it obvious.  Sadly, this person does not have a very strong grip on reality and has clearly gone out of their way to look up my blog and harass me and my husband with juvenile jabs.  Clearly they don't have anything more positive to do with their time.

Well, haters gonna hate.  So unfortunately I have had to switch my comments to moderation for the time being.  Please don't misinterpret this as a fear of negative or constructive criticism.  It is just that this one mentally unstable person is targeting me for harassment, and is not simply providing constructive criticism on my ideas or writing.

In a way this is a blessing.  Now, every time I hit the publish button, I can remember that there is a real "crazy" out there potentially reading my blog.  It helps me to determine what is appropriate to share with the world wide web, and what might be better kept in my private journal.


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