All Dried Up

2/6/13 Sunrise
Last night, our hot water heater sprung a leak.  We had to drain it and turn off all the water in the house.  We have some water stored up for emergencies so we are using that for drinking, and we drew off buckets of water for flushing  etc. before we turned it off.  Still, what a bummer!  It is in situations like this that I am thankful to be a renter, not a home owner.  We have a great landlord and hopefully everything will be fixed by the end of the day with minimal inconvenience to us.

So instead of going to Zumba last night I went with Jason downtown to Logos to pick up some records he had dropped off for trade.  We looked for cookbooks about fermenting and pickling, and they had some good ones. None of them were used however, and Logos only allows trade credit on used books.  I was looking for a used copy of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn which is our current book club pick.  They didn't have the novel I wanted either so we ended up leaving without getting anything.

Jason also got some sad news last night that an old friend has passed away.  While driving home, I saw some bright red lights in the sky.  We thought they were helicopters but after taking a turn to go down to the beach, we realized they were airborne Luminaries coming from somewhere near Sunny Cove.  I'm sure they were being released for this special lost soul.
Jason and Steve skimming Sunny Cove


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