Writing Lessons

Typewriter 456As part of my goal to really break down my self-imposed barriers to writing, I'm going completely out of my comfort zone and have signed up for an e-course called Writing in the Digital Age.  I'm not completely sure what the nature of the lessons will be, but I intend to use them to generate creative ideas for a variety of writing projects, including my blog.

One piece of inspiration I came across today is this article from The Glamorous Housewife with lessons she has learned from blogging.  All of her tips resonated with me, but the one that really struck me was the reminder that you can't compare the beginning of your journey with the middle of someone else's.  As she says:
Envy is a double edged sword: it can help motivate you to become stronger, or it can suck every ounce of your creative desire until you are a shell of a person.
While this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, I can identify with the latter sentiment.  I have struggled with envy of successful authors or bloggers, even if those people don't have any other qualities that I particularly like or admire.  Some famous authors aren't even very nice people and my envy is quite misplaced.  At any rate, aspiration is much different from jealousy, and I have too often found myself defeated before I even start by telling myself that I will never be as good as anyone else who has ever written or published anything.

So yes, it is a very timely reminder to not compare my journey to anyone else's.  If I stick with it I will eventually get to where I want to be.


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