This morning Jason and I ventured out to catch the (98%) full moon setting just as the sun was coming up.  We went down to the west jetty of the Santa Cruz Harbor where you can see both the eastern and western horizon at the same time.  I brought along my tripod, which I haven't used in some time and was a bit rusty with it.

Here is my favorite shot of the moon setting over westside Santa Cruz:
Setting Moon
Here is the Walton Lighthouse with the sun rising from the opposite direction:
1/27/12 Sunrise

Jason got a sweet shot of the two of us with his phone:

I also took my weekly photo challenge shot for "vanishing point", which I am not that excited by. I had a hard time finding a shot with the appropriate perspective for a good vanishing point. This is the path leading to the lighthouse along the west jetty.  I think the end of the path should be much farther in the distance:
Vanishing Point
I am feeling better today. I did a few chores and took a long nap. I also prepped most of the food for the week.

When I workout in the evening (Mon, Wed, and Thu evenings) we often don't eat until 8pm or so, which is when I'm ready to go to bed. We are trying to eat earlier in the day, so I am experimenting with cooking food in the crock pot on these nights so it is ready right after work. This week I planning to make pumpkin chili, lima beans, and lentils. We will also have baked sweet potatoes one night and probably pasta one night. Tonight we had roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts with tater tots. I'm still craving comfort foods.

I'd like to go back to work tomorrow, but I'm not planning to unless I feel much better in the morning.  I am still really congested and tired.  My main goal is to avoid getting the flu or avoid getting anyone else sick.  I also think, as a teacher, it is important to model good behavior and not come to school while sick... since that is probably how I got this cold in the first place.  Several kids went home sick last week and the flu is just hitting us in coastal California.

Enjoy the last hours of the weekend and the last days of January!


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