Back to Work

California Buckeye
California Buckeye, UCSC Arboretum, Nov. 2012
Back to work his morning.  While I enjoy a "vacation" as much as the next person, it is really tough to be out of the classroom for two days straight.  Not sure what I will discover upon my return!  Thankfully I have two incredible instructional aides who are my right and left hand ladies.  J. has actually been with me for 3 years so she can pretty much read my mind.  Without the help of my team, administration would almost certainly have to step in to help with discipline.  That is one of the things that makes being an ED (Emotionally Disabled) high school teacher exciting and exhausting at the same time.  You are familiar with a whole range of behaviors that are "baseline" for your students, but are "holy sh*t we'd better call for backup" for pretty much everyone who doesn't work with them on a daily basis.  I mean, when you're doing a mad lib and the class's favorite adjective is the made-up, darkly ironic "feelin' stabby", you know you're in a whole different reality.  Oh, how I love those kids.

Last night we had the crock pot pumpkin chili and it was terrible.  I based it off of this recipe, which actually is not all that bad except for the fact that instead of a bottle of chili sauce I used hot sauce resulting in a vinegary, too-spicy mess.  Oh, well.  Tonight we're having baked sweet potatoes which is not experimental in the least.

Today I feel much better.  It is as though the cold shut off like a faucet.  No more congestion and I feel much more energized.  It lasted exactly from Thursday night to Monday night, which is pretty much the "average duration" for the common cold (3-4 days).  So while my immune system did not prevent me from catching a cold, I think it did limit the duration and intensity.

Today is supposed to by very cold.  Well, cold for central California coast daytime standards... under 60 degrees.  This year, between my weight loss and generally drier, colder weather I have had to buy warmer clothes.  Hooray for boots and fuzzy sweaters!


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