52 in 2013

For the past couple of years I have tried to participate in a group on flickr that takes one picture per week for a year.  I haven't yet been successful for more than a few weeks.  Last year I made it to mid-year before moving house disrupted my life and I never really got back into the flow of the weekly shooting and uploading of pictures.

This year I have joined the 52 in 2013 group.  Each week, the photo assignment has a theme or motif.  Here are my first two weekly entries:

#1: New

#2: My Home Town
Santa Cruz...

This week's theme is Weather and I have to complete the weekly challenge by Sunday night.  I'll post the weekly photo here from now on.  Hopefully I can finish this year.  If I miss a few that's fine, but I'd really like to make it to the end of the challenge.  Here's to 52 in 2013!


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