Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marching On

Well, this blogging thing has proven to be as challenging as ever for me.  I have the best intentions, but real life just seems to get in the way.

Unlike past attempts to blog, however, I am not giving up this time.  Sure, I am irritated that I have not met any of the goals I set for myself in terms of writing and posting.  But that does not make the work  have done so far worthless or insignificant.  I know that for myself, and for many of my friends and colleagues, the tendency is to focus on the future, on what lies undone, on the hoops we have yet to jump through.  But more happiness and less anxiety can be had from reflection, for looking backward, and from celebrating the successes and milestones that have been conquered and won.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend Workout Wrap-up

This past weekend was another gorgeous one in the Santa Cruz area.  Recently we purchased a California State Park Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass which allows us to park in pretty much any state park or beach for free.  A great deal at $125 for a year of free parking.  This purchase has inspired us to travel to different State Parks on weekend day trips.  On Saturday, we decided to visit Butano State Park, located in the beautiful redwood forest inland from Pescadero.

We decided to hike the 4 mile loop that begins and ends at the park entrance.  4 miles seemed like no big deal, but I neglected to note the "700 foot elevation gain" part of the description.  The steep climb and descent definitely amped up the difficulty level of the hike, but the gorgeous weather, redwood forest, and views of the coast made the trek well worth it.

Unfortunately, I thought my camera batteries were charged but the opposite was true, and I was only able to snap a few photos before my camera died and I lugged her dead useless body as well as two empty packs of rechargeable batteries up and down the mountain.  Oh well.  I had to just call that one meant to be and figured that what happened in Butano would stay in Butano, at least for this trip.  I was able to snap a few shots right when we started the hike, including this one of a cute little newt

There were tons of banana slugs and more newts than I had ever seen before.  I would definately do the hike again and maybe even try a longer one further up the ridge.

Sunday was another sunny, even warmer day, and I did my usual 14 mile ride to and from the gym and my usual Sunday Zumba class.