Superbowl Sunday 10K

Hello readers!  Sorry for the long delay in posting.  Real life got in the way.  Even though I have not been able to keep up with the blog goals I set for myself regarding frequency of writing and posting, I am still pleased with the development of the project.  My friends and family have received it as the positive and inspirational message it is intended to be.  I am glad and happy to be putting motivational energy out into the world.  Thanks for visiting and checking it out!

Now, on to the story of my most recent race, with video!

Earlier this month, on Superbowl Sunday, I ran my second 10K Race.  This race begins and ends near the entrance to Natural Bridges on Delaware Ave.  Jason accompanied me as usual to the race.  I got there very early, which is also typical since I really hate to be late to competitive events.  I guess I want to have every advantage.  There was plenty of parking in one of the nearby office building lots when I arrived at about 7:20 or so.  This race features a 1K for kids and a 3K, as well as the 10K in which I was running.  Since this race is sponsored by the Santa Cruz Track Club, there were many accomplished and experienced racers competing at the event. I found out after the race that some people ran both the 3K and 10K!

My race began at 8:30.  I got my number and my race T-shirt, and was dismayed to find that the Superbowl participating teams were printed on it, which of course included the Patriots!  Any self-respecting Raiders fan would not wear an item of clothing emblazoned with another team's logo, let alone that team.  This is why I am making a disgusted face as I hold my race T:

That's Ok, though, because now I have a reason to run the race every year, because soon the Raiders will be on my Superbowl  race T.

My first number actually was the wrong one -- I realized it after looking at the name on my tear-off tag.  I guess that is a good race tip: make sure to check that the name on your number is you.  I traded my number from 1547 to 1647, and Jason took a pre-race pic:

While I waited I walked around and jogged a little to warm up.  As at any race, the "facilities" are an important part of pre-race routines. Conveniently, the restrooms, which were potable toilets, were clean and the line never got too long.  It was a relatively small race, with 179 people in the 10K.

Here is Jason's video of the start of the race:

 The out-and back-course of this race hugs Westcliff Drive, with breathtaking views of the pacific ocean for pretty much the entire run.  It was a gorgeous, sunny 60 degree day on the Westside of Santa Cruz.  The amazing views of cliffs and surf were motivational and made the run much more pleasant. I can see how, if it was a cloudy, rainy, or stormy day that the race would be more challenging, but I felt quite fortunate to be blessed with perfect weather.

Here I am at about a mile into the race.  Jason was trying to get a picture of the "blowhole" (water splashing up from rocks below) spouting water behind me, but it didn't go off at the right time.

The course follows the same cliffside walkway that many Santa Cruzians use on the weekend, so as I ran I had to watch out for bikes, dogs, and other pedestrian traffic.  I ran a much slower race than most of the group, finishing 159/179 overall, and 9/9 in my age group (women 30-34).  Nonetheless, I felt I ran a solid race, earning a PR of 1:05:17.  That is pretty slow, but still better than my Wharf to Wharf time.

Jason took a video of me finishing the race (with a cameo from my friend Kim at the end - she was working at the event).  I find this video funny because I thought I was running much faster than I really am.  I had a little energy at the end of the race, so I pushed it for the last 1/4 mile or so.

Overall, I had a great time and feel good about my performance at the race.  I will definitely do it again next year... and hopefully get a shirt with some Silver and Black on it!


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