Shine On!

November Sunrise

I was talking with my friend Carmen from Zumba a few weeks ago, and she asked me if I wanted to go to a Body Sculpting class with her on Saturdays.  I told her I usually run on Saturdays, and this led to the topic of my upcoming 10K.  Carmen shared this anecdote from her running days.

Years ago, Carmen and her friend had an agreement to run daily, early in to morning at 5:30. “While the stars were still out,” she explained.  The two friends were also neighbors, with houses facing each other across the street.  Since Carmen’s friend had young children and might have to cancel their daily run at the last minute, they made a simple arrangement.  Carmen’s friend would put her porch light on each morning that she was ready to run.  Carmen, who could see the light from her bedroom, would look for the light each morning and know if her friend had kept the agreement.

“Never,” said Carmen, “in all the time we ran together, was there a morning when my friend did not turn on her porch light.” 

Years later, Carmen’s friend moved away, and Carmen shared just how motivational that light had been.  “Many mornings I did not want to get out of bed to exercise,” she told her friend, “but I saw your light and I knew you were counting on me.”

Carmen’s friend, it turns out, felt the same way. “There were so many times,” she replied, “that I wanted to stay in bed and not turn on the light, but I did not want to let you down.”

I love this story on so many levels.  It shows the importance of friendships, and how having a partner can motivate one to achieve greater fitness than if one were going it alone.  

But that porch light that kept each runner going also represents the light that shines in each one of us.  Everyone has something special and divine to offer the world.  You might not feel like shining your light some mornings.  You may not feel like being kind, generous, and compassionate with yourself and others.  You may not feel like giving love.  But you never know who else out there is counting on your light to get them going, to motivate them.  

Your inner beauty and gifts may seem insignificant to you, and you may feel like you cannot make much of a difference or impact in this world.  Someone, however, may be looking for your light to shine for them every day whether you realize it or not.  You are divine, special, and have something unique to offer to the universe.

We are all interconnected in this world.  Look for the light of love shining from those around you, and shower the brilliance of your love on others.  Together, we can make this world a brighter place.


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