I am considering a weekly theme for my posts in order to focus and direct my writing.  I already have a few themes going: My Weight Loss Journey, Weekend Workout Wrap-Up (Monday), and Farmer's Market Featured Vendor (Sunday).  I think I am going to add Inspirations, where every Wednesday I post links to web ephemera that have inspired me this week.

Today I'd like to begin with a few articles I found inspirational or intriguing.

Jess over at Makeunder My Life pointed her readers to a very cool article by Haley at Tiny Twig, called 100 Golden No’s.  If you are hoping to start any kind of new venture or project in your life, Haley's approach may be for you.

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project shared a great link to a positive article about living a more productive life.  The article 30 things to start doing for yourself can be found at Marc and Angel Hack Life.This article was written in response to another, more more prohibitive article listing 30 things to Stop Doing to Yourself.  I like both articles, as they represent to me duality of practicing productive habits while simultaneously letting go of actions that hold you back from your goals.

The band Jane's Addiction (who is not really a "friend" but that's why social media is so cool... I can have direct communication with artists I admire and who inspire me) posted a picture of lead singer Perry Farrell and quote that I adore. "If you're not part of the freaks, you're part of the boredom."
Finally, here are some motivational photo posts from various healthy living tumblr blogs:


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