This week, I heard a feature on NPR that is perfect for Valentine's Day inspiration.  NPR has been doing a series where they ask people for their favorite memories of songs in winter.

In this episode, Alice Swersey talks about the winter of 1958 and Schumann's Piano Concerto.  It is a sweet story that brought tears to my eyes.  You can listen to the story or read a transcript of it here.

I was also inspired this week by another of Danielle LaPorte's posts. This one is an ode to carpe diem; a good list of reasons to seize the day. I don't necessarily agree with all of what she suggests, but I think there is something in her list that will resonate with each one of us differently, making it worth checking out here.

And finally, some tumblr inspiration:

(Source: getfuckinfit, via fuckyeahfitspiration)


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