Friday Ride

I could not resist the excellent weather (again) yesterday.   I started off the morning with a run up into Niscene.  I had planned to do 6 miles, but my body was just not feeling it and I could tell I was tired.  I have been struggling with eating enough and eating the right food to fuel my workouts.  I am still eating too much sugar and empty calories.  I think that was the issue yesterday, so I cut it short to 4 miles and finished strong.

I wanted to save some of my energy for a nice long bike ride.  When I got home, I ate some peanut butter on gluten-free bread and then got my gear together for a ride along the coast.  I often like to ride west and visit all of the places Jason and I have lived over the years.  Since 1997 I have moved progressively eastward from the Live Oak area to where we now live in Aptos.  I am sometimes nostalgic for the cramped and cheerful bungalows of Pleasure Point or the bright and austere architecture of the Capitola jewel box, especially in the spring and fall where there are few tourists.  How quickly we forget the negative aspects of these coastal dwelling places -- cold foggy weather most of the time, moldly everything, high rent, traffic, and above all, vacationers parking in your driveway.  Here in Aptos we only have to deal with that once a year during the 4th of July!

At any rate, here are some shots from my gorgeous ride yesterday.  You can see all the photos from yesterday at my flickr page.  I ended up riding for about 2 hours and covered 18 miles.

Capitola Beach
Capitola Wharf
Garden gate detail in Capitola
Rockview in Pleasure Point
Pleasure Point architecture


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