Weekend Workout Wrap-up

I love my weekend workouts!

Since I work long hours and have an extensive commute, the weekend is the best time for time-consuming workouts like long runs, extra classes at the gym, or a nice bike ride.  I usually try to fit in one of each of these things over the weekend.

The last few days, we have been blessed with beautiful sunny, 60 degree weather all along the coast.  On Saturday, I took advantage of the milder temperatures and did a 6-mile training run in the gorgeous redwood Forest of Nicene Marks.  I am so fortunate as to live next door to this beautiful California State Park.  From my front door, it is a mile to the entrance of the park, and two miles up to George's Picnic Area.  The whole loop is about a 10K.

Crossing the bridge just past George's Picnic Area, almost to the first gate

 On Sunday, I followed my usual routine.  Weather permitting, I ride my bike to Zumba class in the morning.  The ride is about 14 miles round trip, but I usually take my time riding home if the weather is as gorgeous as it was today!  Jason, my husband, is often fishing at this time, and I can rendezvous with him somewhere along the beach.
That's Jason casting out (in the white shirt), at Rockview in Pleasure Point

Checking the waves on my ride home

I also walked around the Aptos Farmers Market and did some chores around the house.  Fitting in that run made me feel great, however, and I feel ready for my 10K on Superbowl Sunday!


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