Saying Thanks, One Day at a Time

Caution: About to Enjoy

I've decided on two daily goals for this blog in 2009.  First, I will post at least one picture a day.  Second, I have to also mention at least one thing I'm thankful for in my life.  I often use that as a trick to fall asleep at night when I'm stressed -- instead of focusing on the negative, I try to list things I'm thankful for until I fall asleep. 


I'll start with an easy and obvious one.  I'm thankful for Jason, my loving and entertaining husband.


Anonymous said…
I love your photography! I just bought my first camera in September and have been teaching myself how to use it. We seem to have similar tastes in subject matter.

We also have very similar taste in music. I like everything you've listed on your blog. Isn't that interesting?

Anyway, I hope you don't mind my checking your blog and Flickr page for inspiration. I was just telling a friend that I am going to start doing macro photography if insects and flowers.

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