Laguna Creek

If the Time is Right, originally uploaded by sgrace.

On Friday Jason and I went up the coast to some beaches that used to be private property but were recently given to the state of California for public access use. Jason said he used to surf here but it was trespassing. There is a large marshy area at the back of the beach that is great for birding, but you will need a scope or binoculars because the area is off limits to foot traffic. Jason was not interested in the birds so much as the nice array of surf breaks including a nice bowl near the point in this photo.

Way Over Yonder

I also managed to convince Jason to come to the Arboretum with me for the first time and, of course, he loved it. He was amazed by the number of hummingbirds. I can't wait to take him up there during hummingbird season!
Winter is a Lonely Song


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