Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!, originally uploaded by sgrace.

Jason carved this gigantic pumpkin this year. It was 150 pounds before he carved it, and about 3 feet tall! It was definitely the hit of our party.

We had a little gathering this year with about 30 or so people overall. People drifted in and out all night, as it always goes on Halloween (especially on the weekend when there's lots of parties). Jason set up a tarp out in the backyard -- it worked well, since there was rain off and on all night.

I wasn't into having a party this year but I'm really glad we did. Jason insisted and he did most of the work. I put on my Alice costume and there were a lot of friends here that I haven't seen in a while.


Momily said…
Did he carve it with a power tool?
Sara said…
Yup -- he used some kind of electric saw.

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