To Every Thing

There is a season, or so the song goes. Here we are facing another late summer wind down and school year wind up.
I'm still trying to figure out how I want to use this blog. I like updating it but the perfectionist in me piles up post after post waiting for the right time to do it, then the news is old anyway and to update the way I want to would take five pages and nobody would care at the end anyway. If I just update it when something really big happens then I run the risk, as dear Emily pointed out, of posting only catastrophic events one after the other, which is both a bummer and no real portrait of my life.
I think I am going to focus of the photo journal aspect. I take a lot of pictures, and now that my foot is better I've been taking little photo expeditions again. So I will try and use this space to document the world as I see it through my camera.


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