Best Shot Ever

I have to update on the state of my foot and some other things, but I just had to post about the best nature experience I have ever had.

I have been into digital photography for about 7 years or so, and I have enjoyed nature photography the entire time. That has intensified the past two years with the acquisition of my current Canon, and I've seen a lot of very cool animals and birds as I hiked and walked around taking nature photographs. But today was the most awesome, hands down.

Recently, I have been able to wear a shoe again (New Balance type serious sneakers only) and also walking a bit without crutches or anything. I can only walk a few yards at a time before I have to rest. But I can drive so I cruised up to one of my favorite photo spots, the UCSC Arboretum. Summer is bird breeding season (I know, I’m such a bird nerd) and I was anxious to get a few shots of the many hummingbirds I knew would be about.

I got there right when they opened at 9am and walked, sat, and photographed for about 45 minutes. I was getting tired, but I had gotten some awesome hummingbird shots already and was ready to head back toward the car. Since I can only walk a little bit at a time, I was using every opportunity to sit and was pretty much resting on every bench. This was kind of cool because it forced me to see the familiar paths in a different way. I also had to sit and let the birds come to me, instead of hiking around looking for them.

I was resting on a bench in an area where I haven’t spent much time but where I have gotten good shots of hummingbird and quail in the past. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was a medium-sized terrier type dog carrying something like a piece of clothing or a rag. I started freaking out, thinking that someone let their dog out in the arboretum or that this was a weird sick dog or something. But soon I realized it wasn’t a dog.


He slowed, but didn’t stop, and passed about 15 feet from me going down the trail. As you can see, he gave me a “what are YOU doing here?” look as he passed. I can’t believe I got the photo capture.


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