Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Fed Up CorgiMy parents were here visiting for the past two weeks (they left Saturday). They had the corgis, of course. We had a lot of good meals and I think they had a good time and enjoyed themselves and were able to relax. At the very least I know they appreciated the cooler weather. They stayed at a cute little vacation rental over on Dolores. It had a great yard but a tiny kitchen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miller Wedding

Our friends Bobby and Emily got married a few weeks ago. The celebration was in Pleasanton at a beautiful winery. we had a great time and I even danced a little bit on my gimpy foot.

On the Road Again

Here is my foot -- in a SHOE! Yes, that's right, I am walking again and can pretty much get around on my own, but I am very slow and definitely have a pronounced limp. In mid August I get plaster casts taken of both feet for plastic orthopedic inserts that will let me wear most any shoe with a removable insole. Until then, I am pretty much limited to the three pairs of sneakers I have. I did buy a pair of black Converse for the first day of school, however, which is about a dressy as I get right now. Besides, Converse are tres chic at high school nowadays and will hopefully get me some cache with the youngsters.

To Every Thing

There is a season, or so the song goes. Here we are facing another late summer wind down and school year wind up.
I'm still trying to figure out how I want to use this blog. I like updating it but the perfectionist in me piles up post after post waiting for the right time to do it, then the news is old anyway and to update the way I want to would take five pages and nobody would care at the end anyway. If I just update it when something really big happens then I run the risk, as dear Emily pointed out, of posting only catastrophic events one after the other, which is both a bummer and no real portrait of my life.
I think I am going to focus of the photo journal aspect. I take a lot of pictures, and now that my foot is better I've been taking little photo expeditions again. So I will try and use this space to document the world as I see it through my camera.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Best Shot Ever

I have to update on the state of my foot and some other things, but I just had to post about the best nature experience I have ever had.

I have been into digital photography for about 7 years or so, and I have enjoyed nature photography the entire time. That has intensified the past two years with the acquisition of my current Canon, and I Hve seen a lot of very cool animals and birds as I hiked and walked around taking nature photographs. But today was the most awesome, hands down.

Recently, I have been able to wear a shoe again (New Balance type serious sneakers only) and also walking a bit without crutches or anything. I can only walk a few yards at a time before I have to rest. But I can drive so I cruised up to one of my favorite photo spots, the UCSC Arboretum. Summer is bird breeding season (I know, I’m such a bird nerd) and I was anxious to get a few shots of the many hummingbirds I knew would be about.

I got there right when they opened at 9am and walked, sat, and photographed for about 45 minutes. I was getting tired, but I had gotten some awesome hummingbird shots already and was ready to head back toward the car. Since I can only walk a little bit at a time, I was using every opportunity to sit and was pretty much resting on every bench. This was kind of cool because it forced me to see the familiar paths in a different way. I also had to sit and let the birds come to me, instead of hiking around looking for them.

I was resting on a bench in an area where I haven’t spent much time but where I have gotten good shots of hummingbird and quail in the past. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what I though was a medium sized terrier type dog carrying something like a piece of clothing or a rag. I started freaking out, thinking that someone let their dog out in the arboretum or that this was a weird sick dog or something. But soon I realized it wasn’t a dog.(click to view large)


He slowed, but didn’t stop, and passed about 15 feet from me going down the trail. As you can see, he gave me a “what are YOU doing here?” look as he passed. I can’t believe I got the photo capture.