Sorry for not finishing my saga of the accident. It's weird; when you're not doing your regular stuff, you kind of lose momentum in your life, and then you end up doing nothing at all except playing Zoo Tycoon all day. Sigh.

At any rate, I'm still not walking on the foot. The orthopedic surgeon diagnosed the lisfranc fracture, and I had surgery to place two screws in my foot to secure the first and second metas in place. I was placed in a soft splint for a week and then I had this green monster put on on May 15th. On June 17th I'll get the cast off and X-Rays -- I'm hoping to start some weight-bearing at that time.

Insurance paid for me to rent a scooter like this that is way better than crutches.
You put your knee on it and zoom all around the place. It attracts so much attention everywhere I go that it is kind of overwhelming but it is waaaaaaaaay worth it. Anyone who has ever had crutches will understand what I mean. Plus, I put a pink basket and horn and little tassels on it so its ubercool now.

So basically, May has been a roller coaster month with a lot of depression about not being able to do anything, stress about running my classroom from 50 miles away, and joy about simply being alive. And the scooter.

Last week was finals and yesterday was graduation, and I went back for just that week. Tuesday, we had a staff luncheon where all the staff awards are announced. I was already a bit self-conscious about rolling by every single one of our over 250 staff members on the damn scooter, but I got over that. There's really nothing to do but smile and joke about the bizzarity of the contraption and commiserate about the shittiness of being in a cast. And tell the story of how I broke it 1,000,000,000 times. So I finally get my lunch and scoot over to a table where a few friends come over and join me.

While the awards ceremony progressed, our HR director came over to me and casually asked how does that scooter thing work, anyway? Gullible as I am, I said oh, like this! and hopped on a rolled around. He immediately put his arm around my shoulder and started guiding me toward the awards podium. I whispered something like, are you going to embarrass me? I thought they were going to have me go up and give me a hard time about the scooter or something. He said yes, we're going to embarrass you. Little did I know.

Before I realize what's happening, the director of alternative ed is talking about me and saying all these amazing things. I'm hyperventilating because she doesn't usually say nice things about anyone and certainly not to the WHOLE STAFF and shit, this is the kind of stuff they say about the teacher of the year and that is certainly not happening to me so what is going on? I felt like I was in a dream, sweating, and I had both hands over my mouth "speak no evil" style.

Little tears started leaking out the corner of my eyes as I realized that yes, I was receiving teacher of the year. After teaching only three years, and after being gone for the whole month of May and grading and writing lesson plans from home, I am the teacher of the year for SBHSD for 2007-2008!!!!!!!! Today is Saturday and I still cannot believe it. It is unheard of to win this honor at such an early point in one's career, especially at a school site with nearly 3000 students and 200 staff.

Everyone says I deserve it, and I probably do, but so do a lot of other people. I usually take awards pretty easily and like to get that kind of attention, but this is one mantle that I have taken a bit uneasily. I just can't believe that I made that much of a positive impact in that short of a time. It's like getting elected to office or something. I've never felt like this before. My head is still spinning, and I can't seem to get my feet back on the ground. Literally.


Momily said…
Yip-eeeeeeee and weeeeeeeeeee!

The first for the award, the second for the scooter.


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