Lazy Sunday

Seagull Sunrise Series 1, originally uploaded by sgrace.

Sunday Jason and I got up early to catch the sunrise, since there were no clouds to be seen andthat is very rare lately. It was beautiful and shot some nice pictures of seagull silhouettes. The tide is extra far out due to recent large storms that have drawn sand away from the beach, and you can see these old pilings which are usually covered with sand and surf.

Later that day I went out to Watsonville to the Elkhorn Slough, which is a National Estuarine Research Reserve. It was a gorgeous day and I was pretty much by myself most of the time; I only saw a few other people hiking. I took the "five fingers" trail, which provided some amazing views since the tall bushes had been recently mowed all along the trail:
Five Fingers Trail Views

I had my paper journal with me, and looking back now at my writing I can tell I was struck by the opportunity to be alone with nature:
1/13/07 11:01am
I walked out in Elkhorn Slough today. Again I am struck by the solitude. Now that I am back @ work I feel like this is recharging my batteries. It's such a pleasure to stand alone & enjoy the sights, sounds & smells of nature. The warm, welcome sun. The cool ocean breeze. The amazing, endless blue sea and hazy sky, and trails spilling over with fresh new grass that invite me to adventure. Gulls and hawks circle overhead - I hear sparrows and frogs in the tall grass. A bright yellow train jets across the slough, a sliver of brightness in the sea of blue, bown and white. And oh, the privilege of solitude.


Erin said…
Those beach shots sure look familiar. I've been wondering if the posts would show themselves again this year. They're really magical shots, Sara. They all are.

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