Hummingbirds and Monarchs

Shy Hummingbird, originally uploaded by sgrace.
Last Sunday I went up to UCSC to the Arboretum again. There was not much color, but I saw a lot more wildlife than usual, especially birds. I got a very cool sequence of several birds enjoying a birdbath in the Australian garden.
Scrub Jay
I was also able to get some good pictures of hummingbirds. They have been my most elusive capture. At UCSC there is a hummingbird garden full of flowers like these...
Pink Flowered Cape Heath
...and as you walk through it you can hear so many hummingbirds all around you that would think a picture would come easily. But they do move very fast -- almost all of the little ones I was able to catch were perched on branches.
I also went down to Natural Bridges and saw a lot of Monarch butterflies, another difficult animal to photograph while in flight:
I got a much better photo of a monarch down at Twin Lakes last month...
California Monarch
But it was really beautiful there just the same. It was also really crowded and I think I would have much better luck going in the middle of the week or earlier in the day. The butterflies are disturbed by vibrations and there were a lot of kids and generally loud goings on that day.


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