After the Rain

Green Heron, originally uploaded by sgrace.
We haven't had much rain lately, but two weeks ago, there was a thunderstorm and it rained quite a bit. I went down to the harbor after it had cleared a bit and the sum was coming out of the clouds and setting at the same time. It was nice but fickle light.
One of the things I really like about nature photography is seeing new things that I've never noticed before. This Green Heron, for example. I snuck up on it under the dock near the Crow's Nest, but it flew to some rocks about 20 feet away. I went back up on top of the dock and got this shot.
I also spotted a Great Blue Heron in the same area, and got some nice shots even though the light wasn't ideal.
Great Blue Heron

Taking Off

I've never seen so many crabs out on the rocks. they'd come out to catch some sun after the rainstorm, I think. Maybe they were eating something:

I think that's what the two herons were after, after all.


Momily said…
It's wonderful to see you posting again!n

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