If We Could All Be This Happy...

Happy Otter, originally uploaded by sgrace.

The world would certainly be a nifty place.

Well, we're still here, alive and well. School started again, of course, and with it went the small remainder of my free time. This year seems to really be heavy right out of the gate. Perhaps I'm just more realistic about the amount of time I have to spend at work to actually make a dent in all the stuff I have to do!

My etsy site has been quite fun and actually surprisingly successful. I've made about 8 sales so far. Not too shabby, for only being up for about three months and having virtually no promotion. Its fun to log on and occasionally see a sale! I don’t have time to make any scrapbook right now, unless I get a custom order, so right now I'm mostly listing my photos as greeting cards. I’ve also gotten a few leads on selling my cards at a few tourist locations in town. I think that would be a perfect match for the kind of photos I’ve been taking. Not really edgy art; just pretty pictures of paradise and its outlying areas.
We've been camping a few more times and I would like to write reviews of Big Basin State Park and unset State Beach campgrounds. We went to Sunset twice and Big Basin once toward the end of the summer.

We also bought a 1/2 season of Raiders tickets, and it is that time of year once again. We went to the Denver preseason game and we were at the Browns game yesterday. Holy crap, what a surprise ending. I thought we'd thrown another one away, for sure. The biggest bummer about that game was that, at some point during the day, I accidentally switched my camera to low resolution images, so all the great photos I took are really small! But that's OK, they still look OK on the computer so I'll post them to my flickr account when I get a chance.

Missing all my friends and friends’ babies out there! Hope all is well as we plunge rapidly ahead into the full-force holiday season…


Momily said…
Thanks for the update. Good to hear that all is well, although very busy. Your flickr page is growing quickly, keep on shooting.

Hope to see you soon!

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