Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby D

Just as I suspected, the littlest Darnell has arrived on the scene! He actually was born AT THE SAME TIME I WAS WRITING THE LAST POST. Weird. I was thinking a lot about him being born that day -- I think I had a feeling.

Meet Dante Charles Darnell, born 6/26/07 at 9:49pm.

I have yet to meet the little guy in person. This is the picture I got on my phone.

So, all my "kids" are here. Mather, Parker Jane, Dotty and Dante. I cannot wait to see how this group of little ones grows and changes. I have images of attending four first birthday parties next year. And four high school graduations in 2025(!). So exciting! Hooray to the moms and dads and babies!

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