Terrible Escape

Terrible Escape, originally uploaded by sgrace.

I've been very busy with work and my classes at CSUMB. Photography has really been a passion lately, and I've been posting a lot of photos on flickr.com.

This week, on Monday, I had some extra time between classes. I had one class from 4-6 and one from 7-8:30. I am almost done with my Level I Resource Specialist Credential and so I have to go to a few night seminars this semester. I can't wait until I'm done but it looks like Level II is going to take another two years. Why does the state make it so hard to put qualified teachers in the classrooms where they are most needed?

At any rate, I got up the guts to try and check out some of the old buildings on campus, which is the site of the former military base, Fort Ord. There are a lot of random machines and destroyed windows and a generally creepy vibe. I stumbled upon this image of broken security glass in a steel door, and looking through it I could see a door off its hinges on the other side. Its amazing how the camera begins to frame what you see when you are in the state of mind to look at things in a certain way. I could have spent hours here but I only had 20 minutes and got a few interesting shots.
Broken Pink House
I've also taken some nice pictures at the flea market lately. you can view more by clicking on the picture and checking out my flickr pages.
Green Parrot
Typewriter 456


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