Friday was my 30th birthday! It was relatively painless, as many people kindly celebrated with me. I feel good about some things, like my job and my marriage. In other parts of my life, such as my weight and exercises habits, I feel like I'm not where I wanted or expected to be at 30. I think my career as a whole is a mix of the two because I really never imagined myself teaching high school English, let alone Special Education. But, I really love it and have a passion for it right now so it is a fulfilling career overall.

I received many nice things from my family, friends, and students. Some of my students went out of their way to throw me a little party which was very nice. They probably just wanted to have an excuse for a party but still, it made me feel good.

Yesterday we had a party and it was wonderful to have so many of my friends show up. We BBQd a lot of food -- so much in fact that all we had to eat at the party was meat and cake! There were about 15 people, and almost everyone brought something to cook. I mean, who doesn't love an excuse to grill? We cooked sausage, hot dogs, Jamaican Jerk Chicken legs, a HUGE chicken breast and a tri-tip. And there was none left.

Jason made 2 cakes. Both were banana bread baked in a bundt cake mold; one was frosted chocolate and the other vanilla. There were 2 pregnant ladies and a 4-year old and between the three of them those cakes went pretty fast! All my girlfriends were there except Liz and she wanted to come. We had a keg of some nice light beer (my request) because I wanted to be able to drink as much as I wanted and not get wasted. Everyone else stayed relatively OK. It was fun to see everyone all together, especially people who never go out to parties.

One of the things I'm really stoked on is that the many nice flowering plants I've gotten over the past few days. Last week, I bought myself a small orchid and a freesia. Then, I received an Easter Lilly, a Hyacinth, and another large orchid. I'm going to take pictures and record the care instructions on this blog so I can track and see if I can actujavascript:void(0)
actually make these beautiful blooms survive.

(update 6/29/07: I did not make the beautiful blooms survive.)


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